Why choose SportsMan?

Sportsman Web is now available providing browser-based access to key features and dashboards

  • Powerful: Developed with over 25 years of park and recreation client feedback, we offer thousands of features that easily tailor to your application.

  • Easy: SportsMan software is easy to learn, offers straightforward pricing, and the online registration process is a pleasurable convenience for your patrons. You only pay for the modules you need.

  • Reliable: SportsMan offers a securely-hosted database for location flexibility, integrates with common payment processing vendors and offers live support and training. Take our customers' words for it.

The Features You Need

Take Our Customers' Words For It

"I won't run another parks and recreation organization without SportsMan. It's made us efficient, effective and allowed us to focus more on creating wonderful experiences for our patrons."

Derek Shroeder

Twinsburg, OH
Parks and Recreation Director
"I would highly recommend this program to any municipality, private health club, or league. This product is truly outstanding. A worthwhile investment for your organization."

Vin Ouellette

Haverhill, MA
Recreation Department Director

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